Looking to Buy Land in Georgia?

Advance Land and Timber offers buyer's representation and assistance when purchasing hunting, farmland, timberland or investment land in Georgia.

Advance Land and Timber, LLC Land for Sale Georgia

Land for sales in Georgia can be used for personal and commercial opportunities. At Advance Land and Timber, LLC, we have 25 years of experience evaluating and transacting real estate. We can help you find the right land to suit your real estate goals. Our capabilities include investment analysis, land management, timber sales, development and financing.

Our thorough land analysis services will help you understand the opportunities in front of you. Many of our clients achieve double-digit returns through timber sales alone. When you work with us, you’ll have a team dedicated to your success in land ownership.

Land for Sale Georgia

We Make Buying Land Easier

We have the experience in real estate purchases and sales to make the process of finding land for sales in Georgia as easy as possible.
Whether you want to find personal use or investment land for sale Georgia has plenty to offer. We’ll help you get the deal done.

Realize Your Real Estate Dreams in Georgia

Whether your goals are personal, financial or both, we can help you realize them. The land for sale GA has to offer is ideal for investing your time, money and future. If you have real estate aspirations, Georgia and Advance Land and Timber, LLC have the right opportunities for you. Land continues to be one of the most stable ways to invest for the future.

Land for Any Use

Before starting your property search, consider what you want to use the land for. Perhaps you are looking for somewhere to settle down and enjoy a quiet future. You may also be looking for somewhere you can extract a return on investment. Knowing your goals is the first step in a successful venture.

Timber Sales

At Advance Land and Timber, LLC, we have significant experience in transacting land for timber sales. Many of our clients are able to earn a double-digit return on investment from timber sales alone. In the hands of the right entrepreneur, the timberland land for sale in Georgia can become a lucrative opportunity.


Whether you want to build your own home, subdivide the land and sell homes or both, the development land for sale in Georgia is ideal. With the right location, this can become a valuable venture. Alternatively, just enjoy a slower lifestyle enjoying living on your own land.

Private Recreation

If you want to find some hunting land for sale Georgia is almost unmatched. The opportunities for hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities are immense. Better yet, you can be confident you aren’t poaching or trespassing because it is your own land.


Find farm land for sale in Georgia that can help you create a successful farming business. Georgia has a long tradition of agriculture thanks to its bountiful land. Finding the right land can be an important step towards a financially secure future.

Timber land for sale in Georgia
Hunting Land for Sale Georgia

Why Buy Land for Sale in Georgia?

Buying undeveloped land is a lucrative opportunity in many places. However, there are some specific benefits to the land for sale GA offers.

  • Temperate climate
  • Natural beauty
  • Affordable land relative to other states
  • Relaxing pace of life ideal for retirement
  • Lower cost of living
  • Plenty of activities and attractions

Georgia is noted for its relatively affordable real estate opportunities. It is easier to earn a substantial return on investment when you can secure a good purchase price on the land. At Advance Land and Timber, LLC, we have the experience and skills necessary to get you the ideal terms on your future land.